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You may e-mail Councilwoman Traci Park at [email protected] 

Here are some Key Issues you can Address in Your Email to Councilwoman Traci Park

Systemic Racism and Equity:

“Councilwoman Park, recent events and your policy directions have alarmingly magnified concerns of systemic racism and a growing tolerance for anti-Black sentiments within our governance. The vandalism of the Black Lives Matter mural in Oakwood and the racist incidents under your watch highlight a community in distress over its racial divisions. How will you actively combat this emboldened racism and work towards genuine racial equity in our district?”

Anti-Tenant Policies:

“Amidst a backdrop of escalating housing crises, your policies have disproportionately impacted our district’s most vulnerable, seemingly emboldening landlords at the expense of tenants, many of whom are from marginalized racial backgrounds. This has exacerbated the unaffordability of housing, pushing residents to the brink. What immediate steps will you take to shift this balance, ensuring that housing justice prevails for all tenants?”

Homelessness and Its Root Causes:

“Your administration’s reliance on policing and sweeps to address homelessness, without tackling its root causes such as lack of affordable housing, mental health support, and systemic economic disparities, appears to ignore the complex racial dynamics at play. Such actions have not only failed our community but have likely emboldened attitudes of indifference and hostility towards our unhoused Black and Brown neighbors. When will you commit to a comprehensive strategy that addresses the systemic issues driving this crisis, grounded in empathy and racial justice?”

Economic Justice:

“The economic policies under your leadership have deepened disparities within our district, with the wealth gap becoming ever more apparent and affecting predominantly Black and Brown communities. This growing economic divide hints at an underlying racial injustice, reinforcing barriers and limiting opportunities for minority communities. What definitive actions are you prepared to take to dismantle these disparities and champion economic justice for every resident?”

Housing Solutions:

“The acute shortage of affordable housing in our district is a crisis that disproportionately affects Black and Brown communities, further entrenching racial inequities. Your office’s lack of significant action in providing housing solutions speaks volumes, leaving those most in need with little support. How do you plan to urgently address this crisis with solutions that not only increase the affordable housing stock but also prioritize racial equity and support for communities historically marginalized by housing policies?”

Your Voice Counts

Your email can serve as a powerful tool to demand accountability, urging Councilwoman Traci Park to confront and address the critical issues of racial injustice, housing inequity, and economic disparities that plague our community. It’s crucial to challenge her to take immediate, impactful actions that reflect a commitment to all constituents, especially those who have been marginalized and affected by policies that perpetuate racial inequities.

More Traci Park Contact Info

1645 Corinth Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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